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Has your bathroom or kitchen fixture surface become worn, cracked, and stained? They require refinishing for hygienic reasons. Contact us before your surfaces become pitted or porous, allowing dirt and germ deposits.


We'll clean and chemically etch the old, worn, and unsightly surfaces. Any chips, scratches, or structural discrepancies are leveled and sanded, making the surface smooth and safe.


Our professionals will then apply several layers of the Perma Glaze synthetic porcelain to the surface to get a lustrous finish.

Premium refinishing of bathtubs, fiberglass, ceramic wall tiles, and countertops

Enjoy the benefits of our quality refinishing services!

  • High-gloss vitreous finish

  • Can be regularly disinfected and sanitized

  • Remains stain-resistant, safe, and appealing

  • Process is quick, safe, and long-lasting

  • Prevents leaching of lead oxides in old porcelain bathtubs and sinks

Ask for a FREE on-site inspection in Eau Claire, WI.  


Perma Glaze Of Western Wisconsin LLC will not charge you for its friendly service.

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